Maple Tree Apartment, Ljubljana, Completed, 2016

The 72 sqm apartment is located in a first-class apartment block in the heart of Ljubljana. In the middle of the apartment there is a small courtyard that brings light into the living room and bedroom. The first impression we get upon entering this apartment is that we are in an atrium-like house on the ground floor. The owner of the apartment, is a businessman whose desire is to keep the rooms as bright as possible and create a feeling of spaciousness.

     The intervention on furniture was therefore very simple. It is limited to a series of white cabinets that show visitors from the entrance to the living room. The white row of wardrobes provides for all the storage and supply needs of the resident and combines wardrobes, study with library, kitchen and utility. Soft upholstered furniture – the grey wool sofa as the central element -, gives the basic framework a homely touch. Similarly, a table made of solid oak with benches also ensures that people feel comfortable in this place. It is a chic and elegant table design, reminiscent of the Japanese style and aesthetics of Japan, where the homeowner likes to travel around. Above the table is an original Japanese paper lantern.

     Minimal architectural details, the concept of pure lines and the white colour leave the rooms open, airy and peaceful. A Japanese maple tree rises in the middle of the apartment. As its leaves change colour with the seasons, this tree brings the history of the changing seasons and distant places into the apartment. Thus the tree in the courtyard integrates a piece of nature into this urban apartment.


Project name: Maple tree apartment  Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia  Authors: Tomaž Ebenšpanger (UM FGPA), Meta Kutin  Investor: Private  Type: Interior  Project year: 2016  Photographs: Tomaž Ebenšpanger