A Nest Above a Big City, Ljubljana, Completed, 2020

The story of the renovation of a terraced house apartment on Majaronova, which in the 1960s in Ljubljana was situated on the top of one of the Sava blocks, is interesting because the future residents, a young couple, were consistent in their non-consumer philosophy and took over most of the construction, the smoothing and some painting of the walls and even the installation of the electricity and water supply. They only sought the help of carpenters when making furniture. They spent only as much as the current funds allowed for the renovation. They wanted a manageable, simple and open house that is easy to use and maintain. An economic project that required the boldness and perseverance of the future residents and the experimental ingenuity of the architect; a space was created that would provide the context, the background for the contents that the residents wanted to live.

     On entering the apartment, the hallway, which is larger because of the mirrors, opens up a larger, open, social space of the kitchen and living room. The long walnut table, which can be extended with side wings if necessary, is only complemented by low benches with large drawers. The spirit of ascetic simplicity, with its white walls without superfluous furniture and decoration, continues in the bedroom; a series of white cupboards and a walnut bed with access to the wall to the walk-in cupboard, where the kitchen pantry used to be located in the alcove. Lights, ceiling plinths made from recycled computer cables, which can be used in many different ways, are by far the only detail in the room.


Project name: A nest above a big city, Ljubljana, Completed, 2020  Location: Ljubljana, Slovenia  Authors: Tomaž Ebenšpanger (UM FGPA)  Investor: Private  Type: Interior  Project year: 2018-2019  Photographs: Janez Marolt